April Meeting….J Pole Building

DSC04436aIf we build it, they will come.

Contacts of course. This month’s meeting will feature our J Antenna building project. This is the first time we have tried such an ambitious project at a club meeting so please come prepared to build a copper J pole antenna. The cost is $15 and we have had several sign ups already.

I will bring enough extra ½ cooper pipe for 3 or 4 extra antennas. You will have the option of building a dual band VHF UHF version or a mono band version. The difference being a mono band vhf or uhf will typically have a better match as the dual band will be a compromise for reasonable match across both bands.

This project will require map gas torch soldering of copper pipe, if you have never done this or just plain don’t want to play with fire one of us will help you.

The trickiest part is the feed point. We will use a hose clamp to hold the coax or connector in place as we move it up and down for the best match. Once found it is up to you if you just want to solder some coax directly to the pipe or install a coax connector. Each method has its own challenges. Soldering coax means you will need to wrap the connection points with weather proof table and installing a connector requires some way of attaching the connector flange to the pipe. We will have both short pieces of coax and SO239 (UHF) female connectors commonly referred to as a “Hillary” available for your choice.

We will be doing this project out back of the building where we meet, in the parking lot so as not to drip molten solder on the carpet.

Someone bring a fire extinguisher and a bucket of water.

Dave, N6TEB

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